How does personal training work?

Star Fitness personal training/ transformation and weight loss studio is situated in Willow road, Lorraine, Port Elizabeth, 6070.

We are a private air-conditioned studio, 320 square meters of space, packed with modern gym equipment, we have x 2 change cubicles and a shower with facilities such as a hair dryer and hair straightener. We only offer personal training, so it remains small and private. We encourage a good atmosphere with good music and sound system.

Personal training works as follows, you pay upfront for the month, sessions are booked, fixed times and days per week for the month with your trainer. You need to take a minimum of 8 sessions to receive full package such as detox & meal plan ect, each meal plan is individual to the client and the client’s needs.

We have x 5 trainers, all work for Star Fitness, all qualified and professional. We have senior and junior trainers (based on no. of years’ experience) you will receive the same service from each, its just a hierarchy we work towards.

You need to do a minimum of x 2 sessions per week and can do up to x 5 days per week, on average our clients see us x 2 or x 3 times per week.

Your initial appointment is a 60 min 1:1 assessment where we measure you, take body fat %, weight, height, before photo’s, 5 basic fitness tests (recovery heart rate, BMI, resting heart rate, 1-minute push up test, 1-minute sit up/crunch tests, 2.4km or 5 min treadmill test), optional. We discuss needs, goals and wants in this session as well as talk about nutrition and current diet and just get to know you as a person so we can understand your needs and wants 100%.

After your appointment, you will be sent an invoice, once paid, your results are sent via a what’s app photo and then a detox and meal plan will be given to you or also sent via a what’s app.

The first session of the new month will always be an assessment and repeat the very first session (ASSESSMENT), we do this to track results, see progress, motivate you and adjust program and meal plan accordingly if necessary.

Just a few relevant points and info:

  • I always recommend you do 12 weeks for a complete transformation!
  • Please have a look at some of the success stories, click of the success stories tab or view us on our Facebook page @ starfitnesssa
  • You have an option of training in private session (1:1) or group up to 3 or 4 persons, we prefer to keep it as small as possible
  • We are open Monday to Thursday 05:00 am to 19:00, Friday 05:00 am to 17:00 pm and junior trainers work Saturdays 08:00 am -12:00 pm
  • We are passionate about helping people, all the trainers live and practice what they preach, we live and breathe transformations
  • Our fishbowl weight loss challenges run twice a year and the next date you can on the pricing options (top right corner)

Why is partnered session or small group training more effective than personal training?

Small group sessions are “Big enough to be fun, but small enough to still be quality.”

I always deliver a quality fitness experience that delivers results while also helping people move more effectively, effortlessly and efficiently in their bodies.

Small group training is the “sweet spot” of keeping the fitness experience large enough to be a fun, interactive experience while small enough to maintain focus on quality.

  • Creates more energy for your workouts
  • Make new friends that have the same interests as you
  • Socialize
  • Workouts are no longer long and boring
  • You do not give up as easily
  • You are inspired by other people’s results
  • You become competitive with yourself
  • You are less likely to skip sessions
  • You learn more from other people

Prices/Rates: (2019)

*subject to change annually

*terms & conditions apply

Personal training

R270 per person per session (1:1)

R220 per person per session (2 people in one session)

R195 per person (3 people in one session)

R185 per person (4 people in one session)

Couples 10% discount on monthly invoice

1 year contract payable upfront private session R240 per session

1 year contract payable upfront x 3 group R175 per session

8 week Fish Bowl Challenge R2000 – 1st February 2020 (excludes training)

Junior trainer @R185 per session, per person (private or group)