Welcome to my online personal training shop, where you can purchase the right transformation package to suit you as an individual or purchase a generic 12 week transformation package that has been tried and tested of 100’s of people and have 95% track record for great results! You will get results. How much result… is up to YOU!

I will give you all the material you need to become the new YOU, all you need to do is decide on a goal, commit, purchase a suitable package for you and stick to the plan for 12 weeks, It’s that simple.

The highly recommend the 12 week transformation package for weight loss and toning and then the 12 week ‘AFTER’ transformation package in order to maintain your achieved goal…. whether you exercise at gym or home.

You have probably heard it 1 million times but I am going to say it again. Exercise and food work hand in hand, you can’t out train a bad diet and food counts 80%, I know it sucks but it’s a fact! You need to face it in order to make your transformation, there is so much to learn about food, exercise and diet… I can teach you all of it! I make it simple, easy to understand and stick to the very basics with a few tricks here and there tricks that have learnt over the years but this works!

My ultimate goal for each and every person I work with, weather online or in my studio is to TEACH them how to have a healthy lifestyle and eventually WHY they eat and do exercise a certain way to get best results and also teach a person how to maintain it for life! If this is done, my work is done.

Why would people make use of online training?

  • Busy schedule and can’t have fixed personal training time slots
  • No gym close by home
  • No time to drive to gym and need to exercise at home
  • No one to watch the kids
  • Can’t find a suitable personal trainer in your area
  • Have tried 100’s of diets and nothing seems to work and you looking for the solution
  • Online personal training services are cheaper than personal training in a private studio or gym but you get to use the same material that a personal training client would.
  • Know what you want to achieve and can follow and stick to it on your own.. but a little extra motivation and guidance is what you looking for
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Have a plan of action that can help you finally reach your goals
  • Want to lose a few kg’s and then begin exercising and toning
  • Improve certain areas of training for example: improve strength training, improve fitness, improve eating habits, keep yourself motivated by having creative new exercise plans to follow etc.
  • Just tired of getting 0 results??
  • Had a personal trainer before and seen 0 results

I specialize in and sell the following 5 packages below and have cool clothing available for purchase as well.

Each option package includes different things, be sure to read up on each one and make sure you chose the right one that will suit your needs and goal.